Wedding Ceremony Musician - Dominic Derasse, Musician, Outdoorsman, and entrepreneur extraordinaire!

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Want the best music for your wedding?

You are planning the most beautiful wedding!
Don’t forget the most beautiful music!

You only want the best for your most wonderful moment, right?
So, when it comes to your ceremony’s music, you should desire the same.
Nowadays, almost every moment of our lives is captured on video… you wouldn’t want the “Marching down the aisle” moment on your video “ruined” by a bad soundtrack.
Dominic Derasse, famed international trumpet soloist and recording artist, based in the New York metro area, will assure you that the trumpet sounds you hear on your video are of the finest and highest quality you’ll find anywhere.  After all, that’s what his 40+ years career has been about.  The music part of this video was recorded in a single take after a 2 hour Easter rehearsal….LIVE with no Re-takes!!!  What you hear is what you get.  Enjoy!

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