The Book of Trumpet Secrets - Dominic Derasse

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The Book of Trumpet Secrets
by Dominic Derasse

The  book of trumpet secrets is an account of my journey as a young musician  and my desire to become a professional trumpet player against the odds.   It portrays my struggles with the challenges I encountered and  ultimately the discovery of what it took to make my playing reach the  levels necessary to achieve my goals and even exceed my expectations....   The reader might find some of the information useful not only for  trumpet playing but for a general positive life attitude.  It is all  about not taking "no" for an answer and pursuing your dreams with  passion, dedication and hard work.

“You’re  not a natural.”  That’s what Dominic Derasse’s music teachers told him  about playing trumpet.  Determined to learn to play the soaring trumpet  passages of Maynard Ferguson, Maurice Andre and other greats, Derasse  embarked on a musical journey that led to a teacher, the great Carmine  Caruso, who helped him discard these negative thoughts and learn the  most valuable lesson of all: how to teach yourself.  In this story,  Derasse, one of the most sought-after trumpet players in New York City,  provides equal parts inspiration and practical advice that every trumpet  player needs.
--Fred Guterl

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