Caruso Method Trumpet and Brass Lessons - Dominic Derasse, Musician, Outdoorsman, and entrepreneur extraordinaire!

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One on one,  In Person or Skype
Trumpet and Brass Lessons with Dominic


For the past 40 years, Dominic Derasse has been in demand worldwide not only as a performer but as a teacher as well.  He always showed an affinity for sharing any and all knowledge in a variety of ways starting to teach privately at age 17 and becoming the trumpet teacher at the Conservatory of Vence, France at age 18.  After studying with Carmine Caruso in 1979-80, he not only became a much more polished performer but also endeavored to continue Mr. Caruso's legacy by teaching his method and philosophies based in Zen.  In 1982, Mr. Derasse became the recipient/winner (by competition) of the Certificat d'Aptitudeawarded by the French Ministry of culture,  recognizing the highest level of teaching attainable and required for teaching at the top conservatories.  That award allowed him to teach at two National conservatories in France until his move to the USA in 1985.

Since his arrival in the U.S., Dominic has always maintained a private teaching studio.  He was the trumpet teacher at the 92nd Street Y in New York from 1988-91.

In 2012, he co-founded, with former student and now entrepreneur  Fred Skipper, the Charleston Brass Symposium.  A twice a year event that allowed more than 30 (per event) S.C. middle and high school brass players to attend his masterclasses at no charge to them.

Since 2012 as well, four of his students have repeatedly won the Radio City Music Hall's auditions for both it's Christmas Spectacular& New York Spectacular shows.

A large number of his students have also been very active on the New York freelance scene and others hold prominent orchestral positions in Parisian orchestras.

Mr. Derasse has held Masterclasses in Europe, Asia, North and South America.  Some of the noteworthy institutions that welcomed him are the Paris National Superior Conservatory (twice) 2005 and as recently as December 2016.  The Limoges Cuivres en fetes festival (twice) the Toho College of music in Tokyo and the Pinamar Music Festival in Argentina.

He has also been a lecturer at the New York Brass Conference for Scholarships numerous times as well as a couple of times at the International Trumpet Guild  conferences.

His book, Carmine Caruso's Sequel to Musical Calisthenics For Brass is published and available at Hal Leonard Publications.

Dominic’s tailored program will work with students on everything from the fundamentals of playing brass instruments (Physical and technical aspects) to the repertoire and skills needed to be successful in auditioning for College and/or for a Job position.

This program also focuses on developing consistency that will allow musicians who adopt it to perform at their VERY best in any and all situations.

Lessons and coaching sessions are also available via Skype.
$50 for a 30 minutes phone consultation
or $120 for an hour Skype lesson


Unfortunately, I never had the honor or the pleasure of meeting Mr. Carmine Caruso. I knew of him only through my friend and colleague Dominic in the 1980s while we spent our evenings playing for the Folies Bergère show in Paris. In some very trying moments of my professional life, Dominic, thanks to his knowledge of the Caruso Method and pedagogy, was able to help me correct some problems I was having with my trumpet playing. He enabled me to modify my approach to the instrument, allowing me to continue on a musical career spanning another 30+ years in excellent condition. I therefore have the utmost admiration and deepest respect for Mr. Caruso. As a trumpet player, musician, and human being, I am forever grateful.
–Guy Bardet, Paris, France, 1981

Using the Caruso Method as a way to address fundamental practice has been invaluable to my musical development. The exercises he developed and the mindfulness he encourages are a bedrock of my practice and my teaching, and I encourage their continued translation to new generations of brass students.
–Micah Killion, 2010
United States Air Force Band

For several years, South Carolina Low Country students and teachers were privileged to attend clinics given by Dominic Derasse utilizing his approach to the Carmine Caruso Method. As a public school educator for over 20 years and a trumpet player over 30 years, I can say without hesitation that when practiced correctly this method will build brass chops. I hit notes I have never hit in my career and felt the strength and accuracy the Caruso method builds. Thank you again, Dominic, for enlightening our students and teachers.
–Ronnie Ward, Charleston, South Carolina, 2012

Studying the Caruso method with Dominic Derasse changed my trumpet playing – and my life. After completing the course under his guidance, I now feel as if I could play or do anything. I jokingly like to tell my colleagues. “Don’t study this method. You’re going to improve too much and take all the gigs!” The telltale sign of a master is that she or he makes the difficult simple. For me, the Caruso Method as taught by Mr. Derasse epitomizes this idea. Thank you for this gift, Carmine and Dominic.
–Hugo Moreno, New York, 2014

Learning Caruso’s pedagogy via studying with Dominic has found me playing at a new personal best. I came from a lifelong background of the Louis Maggio routine, and while I may revisit that here and there, I didn’t realize how much I could benefit from Caruso’s exercises and approach. It allows me to warm up much quicker, saving chops for the important stuff, and has opened up my sound in the upper register.
–Alex Bender, New York City, 2014

Studying the Caruso method with Dominic Derasse gave me the consistency to trust my chops and focus on the music. Although my first trumpet teacher gave me Caruso exercises as a kid, it wasn’t until I met Dominic that I truly began to understand Caruso;s teachings and how to implement them successfully into my playing. His guidance gave me a routine that trains the mind and body to respond reliably and feel ready to play anything. When taught by a thoughtful teacher like Dominic who had studied extensively and directly with Carmine, all kinds of brass players can benefit from Caruso, from orchestral to commercial and everything in between. Thank you, Dominic and Carmine.
–Christopher Scanlon, New York City, 2015

I was first introduced to the ideas of Carmine Caruso in 2000 through Laurie Frink. Incorporating these concepts changed the way I play trumpet and the way I think about playing and making music. As I keep using these concepts in my daily practice, they continue to be of benefit. Working with Dominic has helped me to gain new insight and understanding.
–Bill Simenson, Minneapolis, 2015

Dominic’s teachings don’t just explain the Caruso method in an easy-to-digest format, but help make a connection between the body and the instrument. I saw immediate improvements in my range, flexibility, and tone once starting the Caruso exercises under Dominic’s guidance.
–Dan Wendelken, New York, 2015

I have been lucky enough to hear and/or perform with Dominic in a wide variety of musical settings. I am continually amazed at how adept he is at sounding phenomenal across such a range of styles. Upon picking his brain about his musical journey and how he has developed such great balance on the instrument, he cited his decades-long application of the exercises he learned from Mr. Caruso. This volume of exercises continues those already available in print and offers us a continued succession of exercises to discover how to play the instrument in a more efficient and balanced manner. Thank you for making this invaluable resource available.
–Michael Blutman, New York, 2016

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