There is more to Music than meets the Ear! - Dominic Derasse, Musician, Outdoorsman, and entrepreneur extraordinaire!

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Dominic Derasse, Motivational Speaker and Inspirational Musician!

Dominic has performed as a classical soloist (including three world premieres), as well as principal trumpet with major orchestras. He has played on more than 70 motion pictures, recorded commercials for more than 100 different companies, performed numerous themes for television and his career on Broadway includes over 25 shows.
Dominic has given Masterclasses and musical presentations in every part of the world. This started at the age of 17, when his trumpet teacher in Nice, France (his hometown), sent him to all the elementary schools to talk to students about music and more specifically his instrument: the trumpet. Over the years, he has continued to share his experiences as a musician and the benefits brought by being involved in the process of making music, with students all over the globe.
It is quickly evident how passionate Dominic is about music when he speaks about his experiences. These experiences and teachings do not apply only to music but can be useful in everyone's everyday life. His engaging and often times humorous anecdotes have his audience riveted. Dominic's ability to relate to the younger generation of aspiring musicians is a powerful asset. Many of his students have commented on how he has changed their lives. The confidence he exudes is contagious and his audiences leave with a new found purpose and confidence that they incorporate into their studies and life outside of school.
Dominic has developed a "lecture/pep talk" aimed at music students of high school age to demonstrate what benefits he has gained from music but also to explain that the standards that apply to studying music and playing an instrument can become powerful tools when applied to the pursuit of other interests and careers.
He is now giving these presentations at Performing Arts Centers where ALL the high school bands in that area can attend. Also highlighting the need to follow up on their musical studies by attending performances of concerts, shows, etc… at their local PAC.
Research shows the positive impact music has on a student's ability to retain, learn, and articulate information(1). The Study of Music enriches their lives in other ways than just musical. It creates connections in their brains that only music can generate. They then, bring this extra "Brain Power" to other aspects of their lives whether personal or professional. Persistence, attention and creativity, all of which are part of Music Education, develop the abilities essential for lifelong success(2).
Hence the title on his presentation: "There is more to Music than meets the Ear!"
If you are interested in viewing the promo video that includes a news story about one of his presentations, an excerpt of a presentation he gave to a group of High School band members as well as a study about the effects playing a musical instrument have on the brain, or are interested in booking Dominic Derasse, please contact us and we will send you the link.

Thank you for your interest!

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