System D’s online presentation of the Caruso method and Beyond by Dominic Derasse

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System D’s online presentation of the
Carmine Caruso method and Beyond
“Caruso and Beyond” is a series of online video lessons for brass playing musicians.  This series takes you into each and every lesson of the Carmine Caruso method: Musical calisthenics For Brass.
Each video allows you to “audit” an actual lesson!  We are pleased to say that we have received many comments from viewers, describing the positive impact, following this program, has had a on their playing.

The Caruso method can apply to any level musician as it is designed to only deal with the physical aspect of playing an instrument.  Advanced players might only spend a week on each lesson and less experienced players might spend more than 2 weeks before moving on.
After the initial 14 MCFB lessons, the Caruso & Beyond program takes you through the Sequel to MCFB as well as an original approach to the Arban book.  Trumpet repertoire materials such as Solos, Etudes, Orchestral excerpts as well as interpretive coaching in all styles of music from Baroque to Commercial are also part of this program, the “Beyond” part!  
Episode 24 has been highly mentioned in comments as it is a “forum” discussion with several musicians and surprise guests!
For a very reasonable one time fee of $125, you have access to streaming all these video lessons.  That's about $5 a lesson!

We hope to “see you online” soon!
Yours truly,

The following books are the basis of the Caruso and Beyond Series!
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